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Performance Based Advertising

What is Performance Based Marketing?

Performance Based Marketing or Advertising is a principal that drives our strategies at WMDI. We utilize search engine marketing techniques to maximize your leads while optimizing your advertising spend. We don’t just throw advertising dollars at a wall hoping something sticks. Our campaigns are highly targeted by keywords, categories, and geographic locations, driving qualified traffic and qualified leads straight to your site.

After reaching out to us for a Free Quote, we’ll estimate what you can expect to see for leads, working within your campaign budget.

How Does Performance Based Advertising Work?

You fill out a request for a Free Quote. Click Here to Start.
We identify what package is best for your needs. We’ll also recommend targeted categories and keywords, along with geographic locations.
We’ll work with you to setup your campaign from start to finish. Your input is crucial to target the right consumers to drive highly qualified leads and traffic. We deploy an array of search strategies, including: local ads, pay per click or paid search ads/networks, SEO for top search engines, online directories, and more.
The last step is simple – track your progress and watch the leads come pouring in! We’ll provide detailed reporting to gauge your program’s performance. To track your campaigns and manage your account in one location, we’ll set you up with our Online Account Service. Here you can view the details of your package and your performance.

As your partner, we don’t just set up your site and forget it. We’ll continue to monitor and optimize your campaigns, ensuring optimal performance.

To track your campaigns yourself, utilize our Online Account Services. Through our Online Account Services, you can manage your account in one easy-to-use location. You can review details of your purchased advertising, track your performance, get detailed data on the number of calls, emails, and form fills delivered by your ad campaign.

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