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B2B Lead Generation

Want to spend less time manually searching for B2B BUYERS and more time engaged with them as they search for YOU in real-time?

Digital B2B Lead Generation Technology.

With automation and technology, our tools and programmatic platform will identify active online buyers exhibiting ‘buying behavior’ in real-time. Proprietery algorithms make it possible for a real-time analysis of a prospect’s search pattern, search history and unique behaviors to confirm they’re ideal and ready to buy!

We deliver compelling, highly-tailored ads precisely timed and correlated exactly to their search. Based on their predisposition and persona, ads appear on their favorite sites and mobile apps. Ads delivered in ‘real-time’ are 2X as likely to be interact with*. (*Source: Think with Google). Most active buyers that visit websites leave 97% of the time without a contact on the 1st visit*, so we get them right back for a 2nd look!

We use Competitor Conquesting, so when prospects visit competitor’s sites, we re-direct them to your site. The more aggressive competitors market, the more leads and opportunities for you!

Every 48 hours your website’s visitor data is updated with: Company. Name, Address, Phone, Business Sector, # of Employees.

PRE-target – We know when business owners are searching for your service.

  • When a person searches for you or your competitors using specific keywords and phrases, we know who they are, where they’ve been, and where they go.
  • We then display specific ads to that buyer instantly as they navigate the internet.
  • When they leave each site, your ad disappears.  No wasted marketing dollars.
  • This captures the huge percentage of potential clients who have never heard of you, who have never been to your site, or are buying from your competition.

RE-target – We know when buyers have been on your site.

  • We track visitors that come to your website. We know where they came from and where they go next, again even to a competitor’s site.
  • We present ads on sites that are the most influential to your buyers.  We can separate lookers from buyers knowing the other sites they visit.
  • Our proprietary algorithm refines and improves the campaign by accumulating behavior patterns of searchers in your industry, narrowing the focus to pinpoint potential customers.
  • This captures those who have been to your site but abandoned it; bringing them back again.

Competitive Targeting – We know when buyers go to your competitor’s websites.   

  • We analyze your competitors’ websites, keywords and key phrases and use them in your campaign; even your competitors’ URLs become keywords.  Again, we place ads in front of buyers who visited them as they navigate the rest of the internet.
  • This captures those who visit your competitor’s sites and even those who actually buy from them and remind them that you have what they’re looking for.

Creative – We do the work; at least most of it!

  • We build up to 30 display ads/banners to fit all the specs required by the many sites your potential clients visit, at no additional cost to you.
  • Our professional design staff will change the ads as often as you need. If you have new products and services we’ll take care of it.
  • All display ads/banners will link the searcher back to the specific page or product they were searching for or to pages they’ve looked at on your site or your competitors’ sites. This artwork is yours to keep –professional and sharp.

Total Hands-On Support – We make sure every month is better than the month before.

  • We will hold an initial discovery meeting with you and your team to go over your keywords and phrases, plus gather information on your competition.
  • We will hold monthly reviews with you and go over all analytics, the quality of each keyword and phrase, plus go over sites that your potential clients visit the most.
  • Together we will determine the words and websites that are the most effective and throw out the bad, buoy up the good, add the best and make every month better.

Inbound Lead Summary – Just like having an in-house lead generation salesperson but without the expense.

  • Provides company name and phone numbers for website visitors
  • Identifies what pages on the website were visited
  • Turns website visitors into leads
  • Leads turn into sales!

Dedicated Account Manager – A resource dedicated to your cause, your message, and your business goals.

  • Same account manager all year.
  • Always on – call when you need help or have questions.
  • Campaign performance improves over time.
  • Higher click through rate = more sales.

Drive More Traffic. Get More Leads.

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We can help any size business quickly acheive page #1 ranking for highly-competative
key words, in key cities! Over 30 years of local search marketing in Baltimore City,
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